Binge Session : 10 Episodes Of Loud and Local You Need To Hear

April 7, 2020

As you may have heard, we here at the Rock are gearing up for Seattle Rock Day this Thursday (April 9th).

Before we go any further, it’s important to point out that this week’s Seattle Rock Day is coming at a very important time for musicians here in the Northwest. That’s why we are spotlighting and supporting SMASH (Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare). You can find out all the info on SMASH and how you can donate to help our amazing music community right here.

Speaking of that amazing community, there’s a show here on the Rock that spotlights it every week – Loud and Local! While Loud and Local is on quarantine/social distancing break, I thought it would be fun to drop a few of my favorite episodes here for you to binge.

We’ve all seen Tiger King already and you may have just finished the 3rd season of Ozark (so good!).

So sit down, pour yourself a drink and turn your speakers up – here are 10 killer episodes of Loud and Local to get you ready for Seattle Rock Day.


Midnight Daughter

Midnight Daughter is a two-piece band based here in Seattle that just so happened to decided on an official band name just minutes before cracking the mic for this episode. This interview includes an acoustic performance in studio and vocalist Aurora Smedley has such a piercing voice that I just had to include this episode.


Final Body

I can’t get enough of Final Body! This music….It’s dark, it’s gloomy, it’s post-punk and it’s awesome. Their album “Nothyng” is excellent and we dive deep into it on this episode.


Point One

It was so cool to have Point One back in studio on the Rock! These guys got back together to play a special reunion show a few months back and they even brought brand new unreleased songs including a Depeche Mode cover. Rad!



Have you been watching Kyyle Cort’s special afternoon livestream performances every day at 3pm on Facebook? Well you should be! Here’s Kyyle’s band Superfekta. This interview was just a week or so before their set at Pain in the Grass 2019.


Stoned Evergreen Travelers

Now here’s some music that will put a smile on yer face! Stoned Evergreen Travelers play a unique brand of punk rock fueled bluegrass style noise they call “Hellbilly.” Crank it!



Need some heavy riffs in your life? Need some loud amps in your face? Need some pure sonic therapy? Let the power of Sandrider baptize you in noise!



Woodshed continues to be one of the most impressive live bands currently residing in the Northwest. Since we can’t really go see them in concert right now, here’s the next best thing…

The Black Tones

I had SUCH A BLAST with Cedric and Eva Walker – aka The Black Tones. I had never even officially met these two, but the vibe of this interview was so fun! The Black Tones are so great and the album we’re talking about in this interview “Cobain and Cornbread” is officially 1 year old now! Happy Anniversary!!



Damnit, Celia is so good. I dare you to listen to these songs and resist getting them stuck in your head. It’s impossible. When we’re finally able to go to concerts again, make it a priority to go see Celia.



Actionesse is one of the funkiest and most unique bands I’ve ever had on the show. They describe themselves as “post-horncore.” You might be wondering what “post-horncore” sounds like…? See for yourself --