Code Orange Brings The Metal To The Wrestling World

Jabroni Journal

August 25, 2017

This past Saturday, we were given a rare treat, as NXT presented it’s very first live band performance at their Takeover Brooklyn 3 event at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. As the normal NXT video intro played on the screen, we saw the Philly hardcore band Code Orange performing their song, “Bleeding In The Blur” on the ramp leading to the ring. There were a couple rows of fans near the band moshing and head banging. Do you blame em? 

Later on in the night, Code Orange were joined by Brendan Garone, vocalist of New York hardcore band Incendiary as they performed a gnarly rendition of NXT superstar Aleister Black’s theme song, “Root Of All Evil”. 

This isn’t the first time we have seen bands perform live at a wrestling event. We’ve had bands like Saliva, Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit play in the arena and we typically get at least one performance ce per year at WrestleMania, though lately it’s been more on the poppy hip hop side of the music world. 

This is the first time I’ve truly felt like it has worked. The marriage between the underground, almost cult-like sensation that is NXT and the raw, visceral heaviness of Code Orange meshed perfectly. 
If you’re unfamiliar with Code Orange, give their latest album, “Forever” a listen. The band has been hard at work, touring relentlessly since they were literally kids and it’s awesome to see them blowing up and getting the recognition that a global spotlight like this brings. To me, they bridge the chaos of 90’s hardcore like Disembodied and Deadguy with the creativity of early industrial metal like Ministry and Fear Factory.

Listen to the album’s title track below and say hello to your new workout soundtrack.