Finishing The Year Off Strong: The Final DEFY Wrestling Show Of 2018 Is This Friday

Jabroni Journal

December 14, 2018

The final action-packed DEFY wrestling event of 2018 is taking place on Friday night (December 14th) at Washington Hall. For the past two years, DEFY has proven itself to be one of the top independent wrestling promotions in the entire world, with hard hitting battles featuring local talent, rising stars on the independent scene and major household names.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been able to attend a DEFY show, as my job as co-host of Metal Shop here on KISW prevents me from making it to their Saturday night events. I’m stoked that my first night back in quite some time has so many incredible matches. 

Let’s take a look at some of the matches features on DEFY “On Edge.” 

Of course, we have the reigning DEFY Champion “The International King Of Swerve” Shane Strickland defending his crown against a man who has been steadily climbing the ranks to get a shot at the belt – Artemis Spencer. Sure, Arty might seem like a goofy, fun guy, but when the bell rings he is one of the most dynamic, high flying and hard-hitting wrestlers on the DEFY roster. This one is going to be a war and there’s a good chance Artemis walks out as the new champ. 

There are a couple more belts on the line as the Amerikan Gunz – Ethan HD and Mike Santiago – put their titles on the line against a reckless team of treacherous villains known as No One Lives, the combination of Drexl and Doc Kliever. No One Lives is a completely unorthodox team who relies on a smash mouth offense and a total disregard for any rules or regulations. 

Though he is making his DEFY wrestling debut, Jack Evans is no stranger to the Northwest wrestling scene. Evans was trained in the Parkland/Tacoma area before making his name in promotions like Triple A, CZW, Lucha Underground and Ring Of Honor. This aerial assassin is going one on one with an incredibly intimidating man, the man beast known as Brian F’n Cage. 

One of the most popular independent wrestlers in the world is making his return to Seattle for DEFY On Edge and that man is none other than Penta El Zero M, aka Pentagon from Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. This dude isn’t your typical classic luchador, as he has been known to brutalize his opponents with an insanely gnarly hardcore style. Penta will be facing off against a British standout who is making his U.S. debut – Chris Ridgeway. 

To me, the match of the night is Schaff vs. Brody King 3. These two up and coming stars have destroyed each other twice before, with each gaining a win. This is the tie breaker match to determine who is the ultimate big man on the DEFY roster. The real question is….will the ring even be able to withstand the amount of pure beef slammage going on in this match? 

If all this sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, buy a ticket here