File Under: Weird Wrestling - A Japanese Death Match Inside A Normal-Ass House

Jabroni Journal

March 16, 2018

Long before Kota Ibushi was piledriving his opponents into toilets and setting off fireworks into their faces, before Kenny Omega wrestled against blow up dolls or an 8 year old little girl, and before Matt Hardy was luring folks to his "Broken Compound", there was the original Japanese house death match. 

There's a lot to take in here. 

First off, you'll notice that one of the wrestlers involved in this "match" is wearing a Cryptkeeper mask. His name is "Crypt The Keeper." Clever. 

This match took place in 1994 for a federation called IWA Japan. The company is most well known for their 1995 "King Of The Death Match" tournament held at Yokohama Stadium that pitted Cactus Jack and Terry Funk against each other in the finals inside a ring with barbed wire ropes and exploding C4 bombs. To put it simply, IWA was one of the first companies (alongside FMW) to push the limits of ultraviolence in wrestling. If you do a deep dive into IWA via the wormhole that is wrestling YouTube, make sure you aren't eating. It's some pretty grim stuff. 

There's certainly some gnarly, violent and downright brutal stuff going on in this match, but I'd like to think it's a little more light hearted than your run of the mill "CUT YOU IN THE FACE AND STAB YOU WITH A JAGGED PIECE OF GLASS" kind of match. Why is that? Well, it's in a house, that's why! 

On Monday night we will be seeing the newest chapter in the book of Matt Hardy's broken universe. There will be wacky antics, for sure and I'm truly excited to see what happens when Bray Wyatt is thrown into this strange world. 

To get you ready for Monday night, take a trip back to 1994 and watch a truly unique match. Observe what it's like for four odd characters wrestle throughout a normal-ass house. 

It's part horror movie, part trash art, part death match wrestling.