Friday Night Fights: One Last DEFY Match For Darby Allin

Jabroni Journal

September 27, 2019

Before he heads off to conquer the world with AEW on live television every week, Northwest native Darby Allin will be saying his final farewell to DEFY’s Seattle diehards on Friday night (September 27th) as he returns to Washington Hall one last time for “DEFY : Doomsayer.” 

Within the past couple years, Darby Allin has risen the ranks of the world wide independent wrestling scene and went from a relatively unknown grappler to one of the most in demand talents around. His breathtaking dives and give no f’s attitude combine to make him a truly one of a kind-type superstar. He is pure punk rock, unchained and ready to rage. It’s gonna be awesome to see what he can do on such a big stage when he joins AEW for their weekly television show “Dynamite” which airs live on TNT every Wednesday night starting just next week. 

But first Darby has to fight off one of DEFY’s fiercest up and comers, “Classic” Cody Chhun. Cody has gone from being a curtain jerker on early DEFY shows to being a bonafide fan favorite, working his way up the card, scratching and biting the entire way. 

Fresh off his signing to MLW, Douglas James will be making his return to Washington Hall in what will surely be his fiercest opponent yet, Impact wrestling star Killer Kross. 

Newly crowned DEFY Champion Schaff will be putting his gold on the line against another AEW employee, the one and only King of the White Claw “Bad Boy” Joey Janela. 

If those three aren’t enough for you, maybe a little lucha flavor will entice you to show up on Friday night. Rey Horus brings his dynamic high-flying energy back to DEFY in a match against the frighteningly brutal Bestia 666. 

And last but certainly not least, the Amerikan Gunz will be facing off against the team of Super Crazy and Guillermo Rosas aka KO Crazy. 
Tickets for DEFY Doomsayer can be purchased here.