Get Weird With 3-2-1 Battle! On Friday Night

Jabroni Journal

November 30, 2018

Who’s ready to get weird?

The Northwest’s most unique underground wrestling company is ready to rage once again as they bring forth a 3+ hour event appropriately titled “Slippery When Weird” tomorrow night (Friday Nov. 30th) at Evolve Fitness aka “The Battle Palace.”

For the past month or so, 3-2-1 Battle! has been hosting a very special round robin type tournament called 3-2-1 G0! And this week we will see some more hard-hitting match ups. 

- Ethan HD has had a hell of a showing for himself in this tournament so far and he will be walking into the ring to face off with former Solid Steel Champion “Big Cat” Scott Henson who always brings his fierce tiger style. 

- Steve West is by far the most hated man in 3-2-1 Battle! and he will be going head to head with easily one of the most beloved, the one and only half man/half bear JaCub Soumis.

- Dave Turner is back and in full force against a wrestler who can both throw down in the middle of the ring and fly high above the ropes with an aerial assault, one half of “Fur and Loathing,” Kaden Talbain. 

- And last but not least, the tournament match that I’m most looking forward to this week, the “Wrestling Genius” Daniel Makabe vs. the other half of the DEFY Tag Team Champions “The Amerikan Gunz” – Mike Santiago. This match is gonna be gnarly. 

In addition to these four tournament matches, we get two highly promising title matches.

The 3-2-1 Tag Team Champions Cole Crazy and Drew Sarian aka Cascade Strong Style are putting the medallions on the line as they face the team of Romantic Romeo Ramirez and Herman Nerdstrom aka The Romantic Nerds. 

And in the Solid Steel Championship match, current champion and all-around badass Bambi Hall is taking on a challenger who is a regular in the Vancouver, BC wrestling scene “Uncle Daddy” Tony Baroni.

Advance tickets are sold out, but you can always buy GA tickets at the door! 
More info can be found here.