Give Big E A Shot At Money In The Bank

Jabroni Journal

May 25, 2018

On Sunday June 17th, one of the three members of The New Day will be entered into the Money in The Bank ladder match against Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, The Miz, Rusev, Bobby Roode and Kevin Owens.  Last Tuesday it was announced that we won’t know which of the three will be entering until that very night, building up anticipation and leaving fans questioning who it might be. 
I really hope it’s Big E.

Who else remembers Big E’s dominant run as NXT Champion? His signature was beating his opponent so convincingly that he made the referee count to five when he scored the pinfall.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way advocating for the breakup of The New Day. They are still one of the most consistently entertaining parts of WWE and I’m happy for all three of them, as you can really tell they are having a blast every time they’re on TV. It’s not necessary to split the group in order to give Big E a shot at the Money in the Bank. Let Big E go on a solid singles run and have Kofi and Xavier battle it out in the tag team division. How sick would it look for all three members to have belts?

Since forming the New Day, we’ve certainly seen the entertaining side of Big E, but the intimidating mean streak only shows up on rare occasion – namely during the height of their feud with the Usos – but it’s there. I would love to see Big E tap that seemingly unlimited well of intensity to show us how far he could really go as a singles star.

I see so much potential in Big E, and if entered into that Money In the Bank match on June 17th, he’s my pick to win it and go all the way to the title in 2018. 

Check out this highlight reel of Big E from his days in NXT and try to convince me he wouldn’t make an awesome world champ.