Jabroni Journal: All In On Jinder

May 25, 2017

This past Sunday night at WWE Backlash, Jinder Mahal did the unthinkable by beating Randy Orton in the middle of the ring to win the championship belt. In a matter of just a few months, Mahal has gone from glorified loser who usually didn't even receive a televised entrance to becoming the 50th WWE World Heavyweight Champion on Smackdown. It took a little while for all of this to sink in....but after some thinking and some armchair booking, I've come around to the idea of a Jinder Mahal title reign. 

Simply put, it's the perfect true life redemption story. Remember just a few years back when Jinder was slotted as a member of the perennial losing trio 3MB alongside Heath Slater and Drew Galloway? Then remember when he was let go from the company, or as some call it "future endeavored" ? It's obvious that Jinder used this as motivation to work harder - just take a look at his physique.

When Smackdown and RAW split rosters last summer, each brand brought some former talent back to the fold to round out the roster. These guys weren't coming in as big names, and they would most likely just be minimal role players - Smackdown got former WWE tag team champ Curt Hawkins and RAW brought on Jinder Mahal. But one thing was noticeably different about Jinder - he was JACKED out of his mind. I'm talking veins on top of his veins, ripped to shreds...a literal mountain of muscles. Shortly after I saw his first couple matches on RAW I started following him on social media and got a glimpse of just how dedicated this dude was to his diet, exercise and reinventing himself altogether. 

They call Smackdown the "land of opportunity" ...well Jinder Mahal has seized that opportunity and made a name for himself on Sunday night. Jinder was the first wrestler in the history of the WWE to become champion before he had a single t-shirt available in the company's merchandise store. 

Now I'm not going to go overboard here and claim that Jinder is on the same level wrestling-wise as Kevin Owens or AJ Styles (two other guys on Smackdown), but I think his in ring skills are better than average, his look is super intimidating and his promos are getting better by the week. 

I enjoy the unpredictability of this. Will he succeed as champ? Will the fans get behind him? Will he be able to hold his own against some of the top Smackdown superstars? Who knows....And that's what makes this fun to see. 

Don't hinder Jinder.