JABRONI JOURNAL: Colt Cabana Comes To Seattle

May 10, 2017

On June 2nd, world famous independent wrestler Colt Cabana will be making an appearance in Seattle for our very own underground wrestling company 3-2-1 Battle! If you know anything about Colt, you know that he is a very comedic performer who loves to involve the fans in his matches. For this reason, I think it’s a perfect fit for him to wrestle in 3-2-1 Battle !,  a wrestling company that has a reputation for all-out-weirdness. Wrestlers will also have a chance to learn a little something from Colt, as he will be putting on a wrestling seminar the night before at Evolve Fitness (aka the Battle Palace). 

I first fell in love with Colt Cabana through his groundbreaking podcast, The Art Of Wrestling four years ago. It was only after I had devoured hours and hours of on demand audio that I decided to look back at some of my old Ring Of Honor DVDs to watch some of Colt’s early matches. What I found was a wrestler who wasn’t afraid to think outside the box – a creative mind, a hilarious in ring-improviser and a hell of a talent altogether. Not only did I see comical, off-the-well wrestling, but I also saw intense, brutal wars against guys like Daniel Bryan and C.M Punk. 

Now in 2017, things have come full circle for Cabana. After a long hiatus from Ring of Honor, he is back working part time for them as both a wrestler and a commentator. His life is far from part time, though, as he fills the rest of his schedule with various independent wrestling shows (such as 3-2-1 Battle!), overseas tours, acting gigs, YouTube content and of course the thing that could arguably be considered his biggest success – his weekly 1 hour one-on-one wrestling interview podcast (The Art Of Wrestling), of which he just dropped episode 350 ! 
Here’s a few clips from Colt Cabana’s career to get you STOKED !