Jabroni Journal: Farewell Undertaker

May You Forever Rest In Peace

April 6, 2017

It appears the Dead Man has wrestled his last match. This past Sunday at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida, Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker in what was only his second Mania loss ever. To be honest, the match was pretty rough to watch. It was obvious that there were a couple parts of the match that didn't quite go as planned and 'Taker looked to be pretty out of shape. At first, I was not happy to see Roman defeat the Undertaker in what I saw as a underwhelming match. But in retrospect, the fact that 'Taker looked so defeated in the ring adds to the drama. What we saw was a veteran past his prime giving us literally all his body could handle, but in the end it just wasn't enough to match the younger, stronger talent on the rise. We saw the master put out of his misery, if you will. After Roman pinned the Lord of Darkness and left the ring, it was made clear that this would be the last time we saw 'Taker wrestle, as he left his ring gloves, hat and jacket in the middle of the squared circle and made his final, slow walk back to the curtain, looking back once and raising his arm as a final goodbye.

Seeing The Undertaker wrestle on Monday Night Raw was one of my first real memories of watching pro wrestling. This was 1994 in the early days of Raw, and his zombie-like appearance was enough to scare me, but keep me wanting more. I began collecting Undertaker merchandise around this time - action figures, magazines, posters, t-shirts - most of which I still own today. He was a character unlike any other on the screen. And while on paper the idea of a wrestling mortuary worker might seem a bit cheesey, it was anything but that coming from the Undertaker. Anyone else playing this character would have been a flash in the pan, if not an altogether flop.

Thank you Undertaker for all the memories. You truly sacrificed your body for us fans and completely dedicated yourself to your character. May you enjoy retirement and never have to wear eyeliner or dye your hair black again.