Jabroni Journal: An NXT Northwest Weekend

July 13, 2017

NXT invades the Northwest once again this weekend and I'm STOKED! For those unfamiliar, NXT is the secondary wrestling brand owned by WWE that could be essentially looked at as their version of a  "Minor League". But there's nothing MINOR about the majority of the current NXT roster! Some of the best wrestlers from around the world are currently wrestling under the NXT banner including the current Women's Champion Asuka, the Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and a ton of dudes I've been a fan of for years as I watched them develop on the independent wrestling scene - guys like Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno (formerly Chris Hero) and Aleister Black (formerly Tommy End). 

If you ever find yourself losing interest in Smackdown or Raw on a week to week basis, fire up the WWE network and try out an episode of NXT and it will not let you down. 

Another thing that's pretty rad about NXT is that when they tour, they tend to book smaller and more intimate venues as opposed to the large arenas that WWE runs in. So this Friday night (July 14th), NXT will be setting up a ring right on stage at the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle. It's something you have to see to believe. 

Being the wrestling nerd that I am (and also the fact that it's my birthday weekend), I decided that just one NXT show wasn't enough. So I'll be making the short trip to Portland on Saturday night and taking in yet another badass NXT event.

Did I mention I'm STOKED?!