Jabroni Journal: Superkicking Their Way To Superstardom

The Young Bucks And Their Independent Success

June 22, 2017

The Young Bucks are a national treasure. 

Who would have known that the tag team who wrestled as “Generation Me” in TNA Impact would be the hottest thing going on the independent scene six  years after they unceremoniously left the company. 

This past week, The Young Bucks became the first independent wrestlers to have one of their t-shirts sold at Hot Topic stores within malls nationwide. For two humble dudes from Southern California, that’s a pretty freakin’ big deal. 

Instead of relying on a nationally televised wrestling company to make them famous, Matt and Nick Jackson took it upon themselves to make superstars. The first way that they get your attention is through a signature flashy style of high-flying tag team wrestling. At least that’s what did it for me. From there, I started following them on Twitter and Instagram, only to realize they are two of the most genius wrestlers in the world today – they’re sarcastic and braggadocios, yet sincere and lighthearted. 

They self-produce a popular YouTube show called “Being The Elite” alongside their fellow Bullet Club member Kenny Omega. For those unaware, The Bullet Club is essentially a modern day N.W.O-type rebel organization within New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor – the two main companies The Young Bucks wrestle for. The group is comprised mostly of American wrestlers who are cocky and brash, always throwing up the “Too Sweet” hand motion. 

So you might be asking, “If they’re so popular worldwide, why aren’t they signed to WWE or NXT?” That’s a damn good question. Here are a few main factors I would assume play a part in staying outside the WWE. 

 1. Matt and Nick both have families with young children. A full time WWE schedule would have them on the road 300+ days a year. 
2. They’re pretty much their own bosses. Sure, they go along with storylines and whatnot, but the amount of creative control that is given to The Young Bucks is nothing to be taken lightly. There’s no way they would have that amount of freedom inside the WWE. 
3. T-shirt money. Take one look at the Young Bucks merch store over at Prowrestlingtees.com. That’s a lot of shirts! And guess what….they sell a crap load of em! That means these dudes are making their own money as independent contractors instead of just seeing a small cut.

 The Young Bucks are living proof that if you are an aspiring pro wrestler you truly can do it yourself.