Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday August 25th, 2019

w/ in studio guests Celia

August 26, 2019

Year Of The Cobra – Into The Fray 
Aurora’s Eyes – Strife

Celia Interview
Celia – Dandy Lyin’
Celia – Electric Rage 
Celia – Laughing at the Rain (Live in studio – acoustic)
Celia – Cut the Ties (Live in studio – acoustic)
Celia – Formidable
Celia – Enough

Burn Burn Burn – Nemesis House
Skablins – Occupation
Watch Rome Burn – Radio
The Rainiers – To The Ground We Go
1967 – Uncle Dan
High Friday – No One Around
Devilwood – Little Lamb
Darkness Stole The Sky – End Of Your Rope
Eve Clarke – Let Go
Wild Powwers – Buff Stuff