Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday January 21st, 2018

January 24, 2018

Success – Lives That We Deserve
Minus the Bear – Spritz!!! Spritz!!! 
RVIVR – The Tide
Aloha Mars – Last November
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Draygun Raygun
The Big Wheel Stunt Show – Love Is What We Are
Bruiser Brody – Don’t Go There On Your Own 
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Welcome To Seattle 
Devils Hunt Me Down – A Stark Winter
Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday 
The Home Team – Wade In
Broadway Calls – Basement Royalty
The Fastbacks – K Street
Sicko – Washington My Home
Young Go Hards – Kitten Mittens
Amsterdam – Going Down
Soundgarden – Blow Up The Outside World
Sweet Water – Superstar
Deathbed Confessions – Showing Teeth
Heiress – Last Nail
Thunderbeast – Blood Eagle
Weaponlord – Anthem Of The Ages
Substratum – The Source Of All Creation
Sanctuary – Battle Angels
Lust Punch – Bang Bang
Mos Generator- Strangest Times