Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday January 6th, 2019

w/ special guest Intisaar

January 9, 2019

Duke Evers – Seaside 
Low Hums – Shine Rock 
The Young Evils – Renegades

Intisaar In-studio Interview
Ten Miles Wide – A Call To Shiva
Intisaar – Cold Front 
Omni – Spiral Arms
Ten Miles Wide – The Gross
Intisaar – Unabated 
Walking Papers – The Butcher

Stoic F.B. – Behind Tired Eyes
Stoic F.B – Ultrasoundcheck 
RVIVR – The Tide
Amsterdam – Burn The Night
Great Falls – The Accelerationist 
Great Falls – Baldessari Height
Devotion – Cathedral Grove
Dirty Dirty – So Wild
Old Iron – Friday Glendale
Wounded Giant – The Road To Middian