Loud And Local Playlist for Sunday September 8th, 2019

w/ in-studio guests Carnotaurus

September 11, 2019

Final Body – Agitated
Woodshed – Lost My Mind

Carnotaurus Interview
Carnotaurus – A Stampede of Horns and Shields
Carnotaurus – Wrath Of The Flesh Eating Bull
Carnotaurus – Ankylosaur Combat
Carnotaurus – Spiked Thumbs to the Throat

Maklak – Slug Mass
Grim Earth – Resin Lips
Solartone - Interstellar
Solartone – Prophet
Brad – 20th Century
Bruiser Brody – Leave
Glenn Cannon – The Void
Junebugs – Holographic Love
Digh Down – Another Chance
Brotherhood – Breaking The Ice