New And Gnarly : Five Metal Songs To Add To Your Playlist (July 18th, 2019)

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July 18, 2019

Tomb Mold – “Accelerative Phenomenae”

After blasting onto the scene in 2018 with their incredibly impressive first effort Manor Of Infinite Forms, Tomb Mold is back less than 12 months later with Planetary Clairvoyance - another heaping helping of raw, down and dirty skull crushing death metal. The album is available this Friday (July 19th) via 20 Buck Spin. Check out the first single “Accelerative Phenomenae” and jam the album as soon as you can. 

Batushka –  "Chapter V: Funeral - Pierwyj Czas (Первый час)"

After a ton of behind the scenes drama related to lineup changes and ownership of the band name and music rights, Polish black metallers Batushka are back with the much anticipated album Hospodi (Господи) on Metal Blade Records. If you’re a fan of the theatrics and imagery of a band like Ghost, but want something truly unrelenting and gnarly, check this album out. 

Carnotaurus – “Spiked Thumbs To The Throat” 

The third song you need to check out is by local dinosaur themed thrashy death metal band Carnotaurus. The band has been around for almost a decade now, but they just released easily their best material to date last week. Check out the other two songs from their brand-new EP Wrath Of The Flesh Eating Bull here -

Thy Art Is Murder – “Human Target” 

Clear the pit…it’s time to face off against the invisible ninjas. Australian deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder is back with another album full of chugs, blast beats and mosh anthems. Here’s the title track from the brand-new album Human Target out next Friday (July 26th) on Nuclear Blast. 

Visceral Disgorge – “Architects Of Warping Flesh”

Let’s finish off the list with something so heinously brutal that you might just have stumps for ears after blasting this. Visceral Disgorge is the kind of band that hears a Suffocation album and thinks….” Yeah, we can get gnarlier than that.” Here’s the newest single from their forthcoming album Slithering Evisceration out 13th on Agonia Records. This is some nasty, nasty slam.