New And Gnarly : Five Metal Songs To Add To Your Playlist – The All Northwest Edition

Metal Shop Suggests

May 22, 2020

Even though we night not be able to cram into local clubs to see our favorite metal bands, there are plenty of killer Northwest metal bands continuing to release music. And now is a great time to help support local musicians – if you have the means: buy an album or a shirt. If you don’t: simply share one of their songs or follow them on social media. Read on and get yourself some free heavy metal therapy via 5 of the best from right here in our very own backyard.


Aurora’s Eyes – Momento Malum

Aurora’s Eyes is a new-ish Seattle based instrumental prog metal band that recently self-released their debut EP “The Grief.” It’s shreddy, groovy and pretty all at the same time.

You can pick up the album here and check out their interview on Loud and Local below.


SÖLICITÖR – Betrayer

SÖLICITÖR is straight up speed metal badassery unleashed! This band released their debut LP “Spectral Devastation” on Cruz Del Sur Music last month and it’s 100% worth spending your hard-earned money on. If you dig Judas Priest or Manowar, don’t hesitate to jam this album.

You can pick up the album here and check out their Metal Shop interview below.


Dryland – Dances With Waves

Instead of focusing on a single Dryland song, let’s just blast the entire new album “Dances With Waves”. This Bellingham based hard rock band is perfect for fans of Mastodon of The Sword. I will be releasing an interview with vocalist Bradley Lockhart on the Loud and Local Podcast feed this Sunday, so make sure you check back for that. In the mean time you can pick the album up here.


Noroth – Mount Ov Misery

If you’re looking for some crushing, riff-centric death metal, look no further than the Cascadian crew known as Noroth. This band also released their debut album “It Dwells Amongst Us” last month and it’s a rager. If you can’t get enough Bolt Thower and Immolation in your life, make sure you pick this up RIGHT NOW.

Pick the album up here and check out their Metal Shop interview below.


Greyhawk – Frozen Star

Oh hell yes! One of the Northwest’s most triumphant metal bands is back with an album that will surely make you feel like a true warrior fighting against all that is evil and heinous. It’s a perfect time for a power metal album – we need strength to combat the stress, anxiety and downright boredom of these weird times. Hail Greyhawk! The new Greyhawk album “Keepers of the Flame” is being released on June 16th via Fighter Records. It doesn’t appear that pre-orders are available yet, but you can pick up their previous album “Ride Out” here.  

Check out their Metal Shop interview below.