New And Gnarly : Five Metal Songs To Add To Your Playlist (March 5th, 2020 Edition)

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March 5, 2020

There’s a lot of craziness going on in the world right now. Sometimes it’s important to take a break from all of it and treat yourself to some pure sonic therapy via heavy metal music. Here are 5 new songs to help you get your recommended daily dose of brutality. 

Today Is The Day – "OJ Kush" 

Today Is The Day mastermind Steve Austin – no, not Stone Cold or the Six Million Dollar man – is back with another wicked record filled with angry, loud, dense heaviness that is as equally awesome as it is uncomfortable. The new album No Good To Anyone is available on Relapse Records now and you can even check them out Tuesday March 24th at the Funhouse with Voycheck, Duvcon and Child Bite. 

Tzompantli  - "Tlamanalli"

If you’re looking for laid back easy listening keep scrolling because Tzompantli  is pretty much the furthest imaginable thing from that. This is a one-man project by Xibalba guitarist Brian Ortiz and it’s crushing, dank, dirty basement dwelling death metal with punishing riffs and nasty death growls. Though it started as a solo thing, Brian has put together a live band to play with as they make their live debut later this month in support of Crowbar in Orange County. Rad. This song comes from the Tlamanalli EP released last year. 

Constrict – "Bleed For Me"

Close your eyes while listening to this brand new Constrict song and you can immediately picture dozens of mean looking dudes wrecking the dance floor and fighting the invisible ninja while 15 or so people launch feet first into your face from the stage at full speed. Sound fun, don’t it? Constrict plays gnarly, metallic hardcore perfect designed for pit destruction. Their new EP No Eden will be available on March 20th via Flatspot Records. 

Internal Rot – "Grieving Birth" 

It’s time to grind your mind. To start off 2020, Iron Lung Records released Grieving Birth, a blistering slab of pure grind power from Melbourne, Australia’s own Internal Rot. Instead of tossing a single song at you, why not try the entire album. 22 songs in 23 minutes? Yep, that’s grindcore. Dig what you hear? Support the band and pick up the album here

Master Boot Record – "Internet Protocol" 

This is certainly the oddest choice to add to your playlist, but bear with me. Much like Tzompantli, this is also a one-man project. But instead of crushing riffs, Victor Love aka Master Boot Record uses 100% synthesizers to produce an intense soundscape that fits somewhere between industrial, metal and synthwave. Here is Master Boot Record’s album from 2019 to prepare you for his new LP Floppy Disk Overdrive which is being released on March 20th via Metal Blade Records. Sink into the digital world and get weird with me!