The Perfect Wrestling Theme Song: Anything by Hatebreed

Jabroni Journal

September 27, 2018

News flash: I’m not a pro wrestler and chances are after my ill-fated backyard wrestling days in High School, I’ll never step foot in the ring again. But a conversation that comes up time and time again with friends is, “What would your entrance theme be?”

For me the answer is pretty simple. Anything by Hatebreed. 

For those uninitiated to the cult of Jamey Jasta, Hatebreed is a long running metallic hardcore band from Connecticut. They’ve released a handful of badass albums, but I’m gonna be honest – they’re all pretty damn similar. Hatebreed has a winning formula that they stick to and why wouldn’t they. It’s a great formula!

Hatebreed’s chugga chug riffs are enough to get the crowd pumped up and vocalist Jamey Jasta is the perfect hype man, barking some of the most positive messages in the metal world. Just consider him the Tony Robbins of the metal world. 
One of the most well-known Hatebreed songs is “I Will Be Heard” from their 2002 album “Perseverance.” You might not imagine that a gnarly band with such a grim image would have lyrics that seem straight out of a self-help book. 

Now is the time for me to rise to my feet
Wipe your spit from my face
Wipe these tears from my eyes

I've got to take my life back
One chance to make it right
I've gotta have my voice be heard
And bring meaning to this life

For an entrance theme, though, I would stick to one of Hatebreed’s more angry violence-themed songs and a true pit anthem – “Doomsayer” from their underrated 2003 album “The Rise Of Bruatily.”

Just listen to this song and imagine dudes getting thrown through tables and suplexed around the ring. A kid can dream, right?
What about you? What would YOUR theme song be?