Pro Wrestling Returns To Everett This Sunday

Jabroni Journal

January 12, 2019

Wrestling returns to the North end this Sunday as Without A Cause presents their first show of 2019 appropriately named “New Year, Who Dis?” 

If you have to work early on Monday morning, don’t be worried – Without A Cause shows start around 4pm for a fun, family friendly matinee feel. 

This show will feature a handful of the best wrestlers from the local Northwest scene alongside some of the most popular independent wrestling talent in the world. 

Some of the stand outs of the bill include the high flyer DJZ, the reckless Northwest born Darby Allin and the team known as “Extra Talented” – Aaron Solow and Ricky Starks. 

If you’re a fan of 3-2-1 Battle!, you will see a few familiar faces as Sonico and “Black Sheep” Dave Turner will be on the card. We will also be seeing KISW’s own Steve Migs inside the squared circle! 

Check out WAC’s “New Year, Who Dis?” Sunday evening (January 13th) at the Normanna Lodge #3 in Everett. Doors open at 3pm and you can buy tickets here.