Sorting Through The Closet: My Personal Favorite Wrestling Shirts (Part 1)

Jabroni Journal

November 30, 2017

Not only are we living in an amazing time for pro wrestling, we are also living in an amazing time for pro wrestling t-shirts. The designs are getting better and better and the variety is increasing by leaps and bounds. Of course there's the WWE online shop, but aside from that, there are tons of different ways to buy killer wrestling shirts: Most wrestlers are now selling their own merch through Pro Wrestlings Tees (, there are dozens of lowkey wrestling shirt artists on Instagram and of course my personal favorite - thrift store scavenging. 

I'm a pretty avid t-shirt collector. When you combine my wrestling and band t-shirts together, I have a pretty gnarly collection. Here are my top 10 favorite wrestling shirts from my personal collection. 

10. Kenny Omega "Cleaner" shirt

Kenny Omega + The Punisher? How can you go wrong? Combine one of the best wrestlers in the world with my favorite comic book character and I'm sold. I bought this from a guy who runs a company called "Powerbomb" at Wrestlecon in Dallas, Texas. 

9. Kevin Owens (Steen) x El Generico "Mr. Wrestling"

Now here's one you don't see every day. I have a good friend who occasionally dabbles in making small runs of t-shirts for himself and a few close friends. He's a huge fan of this epic feud from their time in Ring of Honor, so he decided to make a limited batch of t-shirts paying homage to those battles. It's comfy and badass, but unfortunately no longer available. 

8. Katsuyori Shibata "The Wrestler"

It's unknown whether we will ever see Shibata wrestling again. I bought this t-shirt just weeks after he sustained a major brain injury from a gruesome headbutt delivered to Okada last April. I purchased it from an Instagram user who runs a small wrestling shirt company called "Hardway."

7. Brian Pillman Black And White

This shirt is extremely comfortable and it's a BRIAN F'N PILLMAN shirt...What's not to love?! Brian Pillman (R.I.P) is giving his trademark loose cannon stare and it looks like he's about to rip your head off. I bought this t-shirt online from a company called "Private Hell."

6. The Undertaker - Purple Zombie 'Taker

This was my favorite look for The Undertaker. I've always been a big fan of 'Taker and was suuuuuper stoked when my friend Brett gave me this original 90's WWF shirt. It's not exactly the most comfortable shirt, but what 90's t-shirt is?

So there you have Part 1 of my favorites. Check back next week for my personal Top 5 wrestling shirts straight out of my closet.