Sorting Through The Closet: My Personal Favorite Wrestling Shirts (Part 2)

Jabroni Journal

December 7, 2017

Last week I posted the first half of my Top 10 favorite pro wrestling shirts from my personal collection. 

Now this wasn't easy, as I have had to exclude a ton of killer t-shirts, but I've finally made my choices for my Top 5. 

5. Legion of Doom "What A Rush"

One of my favorite tag teams of all time! What more needs to be said?! These two are legends and so is this shirt. There's no way you won't feel like a badass when you're rocking this shirt. 

4. Steiner Brothers "Varsity Blue" 

This shirt might look "old school," but believe it or not, it's a recent purchase of mine. I found a guy on Instragram who reprints old classic wrestling shirts so this was a must buy. 

3. Sting "All Over Print"

This thing is so damn ugly that it's amazing. I found it in perfect condition at a thrift store for 5 dollars. Score!

2. Undertaker "All Over Print"

My friend John gave me this t-shirt as a gift and I am forever in debt to him. This is the very first official Undertaker shirt and it is untouchable. 

1. ECW "Join The Revolution" 

Here's one shirt I will NEVER get rid of. My mom bought me this shirt back in 1998 at a Spencer's gift store in the mall and I have been wearing it since. E-C-DUB! E-C-DUB!