Support Musicians Directly Through Bandcamp This Friday

March 18, 2020

With the number of local concerts and worldwide tours being either postponed or cancelled altogether last week, there are a ton of artists in need of a little help. The hard fact is that a good majority of these artist’s income comes from performing live.

If you have the means available, consider waiting until this coming Friday (March 20th) to buy that album or shirt you dig from that band you saw a few months back. Why wait til Friday? The folks behind the scenes at Bandcamp have stepped up to the plate and promised that they will be waiving their business fees from all purchases made on their website/app this Friday, allowing music lovers to support artists directly while picking up some awesome tunes that will surely improve our days of social distancing. 

For those unfamiliar, Bandcamp is a platform that allows musicians to upload their music and sell it directly to their listeners. They offer a free easy to use app that stores all the mp3s you have purchased in a personal library. Plus, you can always preview and stream new stuff whenever you want. 

If CD’s, tapes, vinyl or band merch is more your thing, Bandcamp has you covered as well. You can purchase the physical media or merch directly from the band – and who knows, maybe your favorite guitarist will even pack the package -- 

Check out Bandcamp here and start adding some stuff to your wishlist.