Thank You SLAYER

The Iconic Metal Band Crushed Us All At Pain In The Grass

August 27, 2018

Slayer said their goodbye to the Northwest this past Friday night at White River Ampitheatre, playing a killer set to the rabid metalheads at night one of Pain In The Grass 2018. 

I've seen Slayer a handful of times in my life, but there was something so special about this past Friday's show at #Pain2018. For one, they brought along four legendary metal bands, New York thrash Gods Anthrax, UK grindcore greats Napalm Death, Bay Area thrash kingpins Testament and the Reigning Heavyweight Champions of metal here in the USA - Lamb of God. But beyond that, there was this bittrsweet energy throughout the entire day. We all knew we were in for something awesome, but none of us wanted to say goodbye. 

I saw metalheads old and young walking around the concert grounds during the day, decked out in their favorite Slayer shirts from over the years. My friend Turtle made it a point to bring his youngest son Luca, making Slayer the first band he'd ever seen. Now that's what you call quality parenting....

There was a truly unique energy as Slayer took the stage. Of course all of us diehards were chanting SLAYER with our horns high up in the air, but as the show went on, it started to really sink in  that this will most likely be the last time many of us see and hear these demonic anthems played live. 

Could it be...a tear in the eye of the most hardcore SLAYER fans? No way, someone must be chopping onions. 

They played an incredible set that hit all the fan favorites - Mandatory Suicide, Disciple, South of Heaven and many many more. In true Slayer fashion, there were skulls, pentagrams, blood and flames, LOTS OF FLAMES. In fact, after introducing Slayer onstage, we were told to get far away from the stage ASAP unless we wanted to have our entire bodies engulfed in flames. 

Thank you SLAYER!

For being an institution in the world of metal. 

Thank you SLAYER!

For always putting on an insanely awesome live show. 

Thank you SLAYER!

For all the riffs and the circle pits

Thank you SLAYER!

For just being Slayer.