Title Vs. Title Match Set For DEFY This Friday Night

Jabroni Journal

April 12, 2018

This Friday night (April 13th) at Washington Hall, the "Belt Collector," Austin Aries hopes to add another to his collection - the DEFY Championship. But first, Aries will have to go through the reigning champion and the pride of Tacoma himself, The "International King Of Swerve" Shane Strickland. 

Since leaving WWE and returning to the indie wrestling scene, Aries has been on a hell of a run, winning the Impact Championship on his first night back in the company and later gobbling up belts from three other major independent wrestling companies. If Aries beats Strickland this Friday night at DEFY: Vibes, he will add the DEFY title to his arsenal. But in an interesting twist, if Strickland wins, he will become champion of a company he has never even official worked for - Impact Wrestling. 

Since winning the DEFY title, Strickland has carried the company on his back, beating all competition and never backing down from a fight. On the other hand, Aries is a road-tested and well-rounded, fierce in ring competitor who has worked for all of the world's biggest wrestling companies and went toe to toe with their top stars. 

I expect nothing less than a full-on battle this Friday night at Washington Hall. This will be one you need to see with your own eyes. Watch as one of these men walk out with a new title belt around their waste. Will the "Belt Collector" add the DEFY title to his stack of belts or will we all get "Swerved" once more?

Tickets for DEFY: Vibes are available here.