UK Wrestling Company Brings World Class Talent To Seattle : PROGRESS Invades The Northwest

Jabroni Journal

May 10, 2018

It’s no secret that the Northwest pro wrestling scene is on fire, but this past weekend confirmed that there are eyes from all over the globe on what we’ve cultivated. During their annual Super Strong Style Tournament, popular UK pro wrestling company Progress officially announced that they will be coming over to the United States to present five live shows this coming August. The lucky cities to host Progress this time around are New York City, Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Seattle. Out of every major metropolitan city with booming wrestling scenes, Progress chose Seattle as one of it’s five must-visit cities. This is huge! 

Just this past Tuesday, DEFY announced they will be partnering with Progress to help promote the event. Then in a huge move, DEFY tweeted out an announcement that they would be holding an event the night after. Progress on August 9th and DEFY on August 10th? How did we get so lucky?

If you’re not familiar with Progress, they have a very punk rock edge to their particular brand of wrestling, going on all in the technicality and progressive storytelling aspects. 
For a quick look into what we’re getting ourselves into, check out this awesome mini documentary on Progress. 

Dig it? Now go ahead and check out this full show from 2014 featuring Prince Devitt (Finn Balor), Zack Sabre Jr, Mark Andrews and many many more badass world class wrestlers.