Jacob Bannon on Umbra Vitae, His Favorite Death Metal Bands and New Music From Converge


May 14, 2020

Jacob Bannon is a force in the world of underground music that is almost like a brand name – if the words Jacob Bannon are attached to the project, it can be trusted. Bannon is most well known as the vocalist for highly influential Boston-based metal band Converge, but is also a highly regarded visual artist, runs a popular record label – Deathwish Inc. – and plays in other bands such as Wear Your Wounds and Supermachiner.

It’s no surprise, then, that the announcement of Bannon’s new band Umbra Vitae received a ton of press right out the gate. In addition to Bannon, the band was teased as featuring members from bands like Job for A Cowboy, Twitching Tongues/ex-Hatebreed and The Red Chord, so my interest was piqued.

Umbra Vitae released their debut album “Shadow of Life” on May 1st   to immediate critical acclaim. The band mixes the brutality of death metal with crushing 90’s hardcore.

I spoke with Bannon on the phone about all things Umbra Vitae, how he’s holding up during quarantine, his favorite death metal bands of all time and the idea of new music from Converge.

Check out “Return to Zero” from Umbra Vitae here and listen to the interview below.