We're On The Road To Battlemania !

Jabroni Journal

February 8, 2018

The biggest event of the 3-2-1 Battle! calendar year just got a whole lot bigger! It was recently announced that their huge yearly blowout event "Battlemania" is being upgraded to the Showbox. That's right, the same venue that you see tons of killer bands play, a venue with one of the most historic stages in the city, will host this year's Battle Frickin Mania. But that's not all. The event is on 4/20. How perfect is that? If that sounds awesome to you, make sure you get your tickets here before they sell out. 

But April 20th is still a little down the road. There are still a handful of 3-2-1 Battle! events to see before Battlemania. Keep in mind that these are crucial events in the lead up to Battlemania, as the bulk of the matches haven't been made yet. 

The road to Battlemania 2018 begins tomorrow night (Friday February 9th) at Evolve Fitness as 3-2-1 Battle presents, "3-2-1 Battle! Will Get You Laid." I'm interested in seeing how brand new 3-2-1 Battle! Champion Daniel Makabe addresses the crowd, as he is known to be a bit of a cocky jerk. The added confidence of being champ will surely add to that swagger. The match I'm most stoked to see, though, is the "Black Sheep" Dave Turner facing off against the man who recently beat him for the Seattle Underground Championship, Sonico. 

Herman Nerdrstrom and Romantic Romeo Ramirez will be teaming up to battle "Fur and Loathing" aka Big Car Scott Henson and Kaden Talbain. There's also gonna be a huge battle between The Bird, Eddie Van Gloom, Mr Fitness, Pitfall Jones and Jack The Snack. 

See you ringside!