Jabroni Journal: 5 Facts About Kenny Omega

Your Next Favorite Wrestler

August 25, 2016

Kenny Omega is your next favorite wrestler. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Kenny Omega honed his craft on the indy scene, getting the attention of WWE in 2005. Before there was NXT, WWE had a few different territorial training centers which are referred to by many as “developmental.” WWE officials would scout talent, then send them to these territories to work on refining their skills and becoming better all-around wrestlers ready to be called up to the main WWE roster. In several interviews, Omega has openly stated he had an awful time at Deep South Wrestling, causing him to ask for his release in 2006 – a very ballsy move for a young up and comer trying to make their name in the wrestling business. 
After putting in some more time in the Canadian indy wrestling scene, it was in Japan that Omega first started to gain notoriety. He was a regular for the DDT promotion, a company that has a strong underground following in Japan and is known for oddball matches and comedy-infused wrestling. 
From there, Omega leveled up and moved to New Japan Pro Wrestling, Japan’s premier wrestling company. He quickly rose to the top and became the new leader of the popular Bullet Club faction, along with winning both championship belts and tournaments alike. 

Here are five quick facts you need to know about Kenny Omega. 

1.    Kenny Omega is the first foreigner to win the G-1 Climax tournament. Since 1974, New Japan has held a highly respected tournament in August known as the G-1 Climax. Wrestlers are known to go extra hard in this tournament, with many matches ending in brutal fashion. This past month, Omega shocked the wrestling world to become the first non-Japanese grappler to win the prestigious tournament. 

2.    Kenny Omega once wrestled a 9-year-old girl. When he worked for the DDT promotion, Omega took part in a match with Haruka, a 9-year-old girl. The match quickly became a viral sensation and showcased the comedic element of Omega’s repertoire. 

3.    Kenny Omega is a major video game nerd. In fact, Omega went head-to-head with The New Day’s Xavier Woods in Wood’s popular YouTube show, UpUpDownDown.


4.    Kenny Omega can morph into The Rock. Watch for yourself. 

5.    Kenny Omega is the third leader of the Bullet Club. You can’t go to a wrestling show these days without seeing a handful of Bullet Club t-shirts. Considered by some to be the N.W.O of New Japan, The Bullet Club first started under the leadership of Prince Devitt – now known as Finn Balor. After he left to join NXT, A.J. Styles took over. Then finally after A.J Styles made his departure, Omega took hold of the role and has been leading the group for the past 8 months.