Jabroni Journal : 5 Veterans Who Could Make a Solid Impact

Names To Consider for the WWE Draft

July 6, 2016

With the WWE announcing they will be doing a brand split effective mid-July, it brings up a lot of interesting questions. Will there be two belts? What will the monthly event situation look like? Will they be splitting up tag teams? How will they divide up the already slim women’s division? 

There have been rumors circulating that WWE is looking to bring back a few veterans from the past to help fill in the roster, as there will now be two completely separate locker rooms for their Monday night RAW show and their live Tuesday Smackdown show. I did a little brainstorming a came up with five solid choices of who I believe would make a positive impact on either show. 

MVP – After leaving WWE, Montel Vontavious Porter made the leap to New Japan Pro Wrestling where he became the first-ever intercontinental champion and perfected what he called “Ghetto Strong Style.” After that, he had a short run in TNA as the leader of a crew called The Beat Down Klan alongside Samoa Joe, Low-Ki, Kenny King and Homicide. Since then, he has been killing in on the indie scene and proving that he still has what it takes to be a solid addition to any roster. No, I don’t see MVP as a future WWE world champion, but I do think he could be a strong role player who could help elevate new, younger talent. 

Ethan Carter III – After being “future endeavored” (let go) from his NXT contract, the former Derrick Bateman has come into his own in TNA, truly proving to be one of the only positives on their weekly television show. He always had the physique, but TNA gave him the platform to flex his creativity and become comfortable in his own skin as a performer. I could see EC3 going head to head with John Cena any day. 

Drew Galloway – We last saw Drew Galloway in WWE (then known as Drew McIntyre) as a part of the 3 Man Band, a sad excuse for a faction that really got no attention and was more of just a joke. Since leaving, McIntyre has won the TNA championship, wrestled for some of the more popular indie feds like PWG, Evolve and Revolution Pro and proven that he has the talent to go along with his impressive build. 

Trent Barreta – Trent is a weird guy. That’s a pretty well-known fact. His odd, quirkiness never really came across in NXT the way it has in his indie and Japan wrestling. Within the past couple years, Trent has become refreshed and renewed alongside tag-team partner Rocky Romero in New Japan Pro Wrestling as the team known as Roppongi Vice. He’s shown that he’s much more than just a quirky, awkward interview and a couple flashy moves. 

Matt Sydal – When Matt Sydal was in WWE, he was known as Evan Bourne – a pretty boy high flyer who tagged up with Kofi Kingston. He was well-liked by the fans, but he never quite made it out of the lower mid card, partially due to the fact that his baby face look made him void of any real threatening edge. After being let go by WWE, he hopped inside the Ring of Honor, grew out a beard and long hair and nicknamed himself “Reborn” Matt Sydal. Truthfully, he has never looked better. He has been flying higher and hitting harder, and I believe he would make a strong asset to either Raw or Smackdown.