Jabroni Journal: 5 Wrestling Podcasts To Plan Your Life Around

February 24, 2017

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “What do I enjoy more… watching pro wrestling or listening to pro wrestling podcasts.” Ever since big name stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho got into the podcast game a few years back, every wrestler and wrestling personality seems to be getting in on the fun. From Konnan and Eric Bischoff to Taz and Jim Ross, we can now reminisce on our favorite storylines and matches from years past straight from the source. 
But the stars don’t need my shine. They have plenty promotion and aren’t hurting for listeners. Today I want to highlight five lesser known wrestling podcasts for you to plan your life around. This is the lifeblood for nerds like me who need to pass the time during our mundane day jobs. Here’s one from each day of the work week. 

Monday: Live Audio Wrestling (The LAW) – So Live Audio Wrestling isn’t technically a podcast per se, it’s actually a Live (hence the name) show that airs Sunday nights on TSN Network in Toronto, Ontario, but they post every episode on their website as a podcast. This is one of the longest running wrestling shows in the world and the hosts Jason Agnew, Dan Lovranski and John Pollock give us all the news from the wrestling and MMA world, feature incredible interviews, take listener calls that often seem like therapist sessions and break down pay per view results right after the events. They also have a segment of the show where Dave Meltzer – editor of the Wrestling Observer – calls in with a weekly update. This podcast is fascinating and keeps me in tune with all things current in the global world of pro wrestling, not just WWE. 

Tuesday: What Happened When – This is actually a fairly new podcast, as it’s only on its fourth episode so far….but damn it’s great. This show is hosted by a lovable wrestling super fan named Conrad Thompson (who also hosts another show on this list) alongside longtime WCW (and for a short period WWF) announcer Tony Schiavone. This podcast is pure nostalgia for fans of WCW – every episode does a deep dive examination of certain events, timelines, matches or time periods in WCW history. This show is worth listening to, even just for the simple fact that you get to hear Tony Schiavone break his WCW persona of a squeaky clean TV dad and cuss like a sailor. He uses the F word like a comma. 

Wednesday: We Watch Wrestling- This podcast has a pretty unique premise – there are three comedian hosts, but they all have varying degrees of pro wrestling fandom. On one end you Vince Averill who is damn near a pro wrestling encyclopedia. Second, there’s Matt McCarthy whose love of pro wrestling extended further than just armchair booker, as he was actually employed by WWE as a writer! Last, there’s Tom Sibley, who is a hilarious and eager fan whose role is the new fan. It might take a bit for you to catch on to some of the inside jokes and impressions, but after you do, you won’t be able to stop listening. I love listening to the different perspectives these guys bring to the world of wrestling and they also drop references to punk, hardcore and metal music here and there. This is a fun one! 

Thursday: The Art Of Wrestling - I wouldn’t be listening to wrestling podcasts if I wouldn’t have stumbled across Colt Cabana’s game changing show The Art Of Wrestling. Though he might not always get the recognition, Cabana really is the Godfather of pro wrestling podcasting. After he was let go from WWE, Cabana went full force into the on demand audio world, documenting the odd and sometimes hilarious and touching conversations he has with his fellow wrestlers in locker rooms all across the world. He is now up to episode 339 and counting. While there are certainly episodes featuring big name stars like Goldberg, CM Punk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dean Ambrose (and so many more), I highly suggest clicking on a random episode with a wrestler you might not know. The way Cabana conducts his interviews truly brings you into their world and I haven’t been disappointed in a single episode yet. And yes, I’ve listened to every single one of them. 

Friday: Something to Wrestling With…….Bruce Prichard - If you love the idea of “What Happened When” with Tony Schiavone, but grew up more of a fan of WWE than WCW, this is the show for you. Essentially, it’s the same format, with each week being an in depth breakdown of certain historical events, wrestlers or behind the scenes controversies and it’s also hosted by Conrad Thompson. This show features longtime WWE producer and the man behind the character known as Brother Love, Bruce Prichard. He rarely pulls any punches and truly gives us a revealing look behind the curtain of the biggest pro wrestling company in the world. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular podcasts in the world today, wrestling or otherwise!