Jabroni Journal: B-Boy Brings The Pain To 3-2-1 Battle!

Indie Wrestling Veteran To Go Head to Head With Canadian Standout Daniel Makabe

January 19, 2017

Seattle's very own SOLID STEEL independent wrestling promotion 3-2-1 Battle! returns to the Battle Palace (aka Evolve Underground Fitness) next Friday, January 27th ! These events are getting bigger and bigger each time, as the "arena" is starting to get jam packed with rowdy, beer-chugging diehards eager to see quality underground choreographed ass-kicking. One of the best parts about 3-2-1 is that you don't really even have to be a fan of wrestling to appreciate the show. Alongside the daredevil feats of insanity and technical wrestling, there are hilarious twists to every event : some of the characters wrestling in front of you include a drugged out clown named Ronald McFondle and a very large man in an S&M gimp masked appropriately named THE GIMP. Oh, and did I mention there's cheap beer?

There will be something for everyone next Friday, but the match I'm most excited for is Canadian technical wrestling wiz kid Daniel Makabe going head to head with So Cal indie wrestling veteran B-Boy, who has wrestled everywhere from Lucha Underground to Ring Of Honor, PWG and CZW. Makabe is a standout amongst the 3-2-1 roster, but grappling with B-Boy will be one of his first true tests. 

The whole lineup is stacked. Check it out! See you on the 27th for some SOLID STEEL action !

Cole Crazy (c) vs Eddie Van Glam

B-Boy vs Daniel Makabe

The Hustle & The Muscle (AsIs NoWarranty & Tommy Lawless) will defend the 321 Tag Team Championship!

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