Jabroni Journal: Congratulations To The Eater Of Worlds

Bray Wyatt Is Finally Wearing Gold

February 16, 2017


These are the words the crowd chanted over and over as Bray Wyatt walked to the ring on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live. I couldn’t agree more. 
This past Sunday, the Eater of Worlds and the visionary behind the Wyatt Family won his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship when he outlasted The Miz, Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose then pinned both John Cena and AJ Styles back to back. 

A championship title run is the perfect way to rehab Bray Wyatt’s character. The past couple years have been hit and miss…he has gained momentum here and there, but ultimately when it comes down to the big payoff, he’s the one who gets left in the dust. In his only three WrestleMania appearances he has lost to John Cena, The Undertaker and The Rock (in a short, impromptu “match”). 

Bray Wyatt is an incredibly charismatic performer who is very gifted on the microphone, has a unique look and works his ass off from bell to bell. Holding the belt finally legitimizes his claims that he is taking over – here’s the proof around his waist. 

The road to WrestleMania 33 is starting to heat up and this just made me that much more excited to see what’s in store on April 2nd.