Jabroni Journal: Goldberg Smashes Owens

Former WCW Star Wins The WWE Universal Title

March 6, 2017

Tonight at WWE Fastlane, the bald badass known as Bill Goldberg made quick work of Kevin Owens (thanks to the distraction of Chris Jericho) to become the new WWE Universal Champion. 

As much as I want to sit here and rant and rave about how much I hate that around this time of the year we're always seeing part-time wrestlers come back to beat the companies workhorses and jump on Wrestlemania (see The Rock defeating C.M. Punk; Batista winning the Rumble), in reality I'm actually not that upset. Goldberg is legitimately the most convincing champion on the roster at this point. A lot of the buzz around him right now is the nostalgia factor, sure, but in the end I find Goldberg to be a pretty intimidating force in the ring and to many casual wrestling fans, he legitimizes the belt. 

So now the title match at Mania is Goldberg vs. Lesnar, huh? I expect Lesnar to avenge his Survivor Series loss in what will be a clash of two beasts. And after that? Who knows? Personally, I hope there is a Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe feud down the road. Now THAT would be brutal. 

Jericho vs. KO at Wrestlemania for the U.S. Title is a match I'm really looking forward to. In fact, it's probably my most anticipated at this point. These two have such great chemistry as friends, but I can't wait to see what they pull off as enemies on the grandest stage.