Jabroni Journal: Migs' 2016 Wrestler Of The Year

Guest Blog

December 29, 2016

I'm not the only wrestling nerd around the KISW offices. Thee Ted Smith has been known to watch Smackdown and Sgt. Hairclub is a fan going way back. Before I end the year with my Best Of 2016 list here on Jabroni Journal, I wanted to lend the blog over to the guy I traveled to Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas with, a diehard wrestling fan since he was a child, Steve Migs. Here's Migs' 2016 Wrestler Of The Year. Let me know what you think of the idea of having more guest blogs and maybe I can convince some of my other coworkers to spew some words on the sport of kings. - Kevin Diers


2016 has been a phenomenal year for pro-wrestling, and if that is not a foreshadowing of who is my pick for wrestler of the year...I don't think I could be less subtle.  Before we get to that...although I do think it's a no brainer as to who should be considered in the top spot of the wrasslin' world, there are plenty of honorable mentions.  Here are a couple that stand out:

Charlotte Flair.  Every time she has a microphone, or a bell is rung... the daughter of the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has been bringing her "A" game.  Look, I'm a huge Sasha Banks fan, but I can't deny the greatness that Charlotte brings whenever the spotlight is on her.  She is so good at what she does that is one of the rare superstars that can get the crowd to actually do what the WWE wants (in booing her).  They aren't booing her because it's "cool" or because the fans are unhappy with the WWE's creative decisions... she gets the boos because she is THAT effective with her character.  The only other person I would put on that level is my next honorable mention. 

Kevin Owens. The Universal Champ has the gift of obnoxious gab.  He knows exactly how to get under the fans collective skin, and in the ring he has just been on fire (like many, I could watch him and Sami Zayn fight each week and it'll never get dull).  I should actually make this a split honorable mention with his "best friend" Chris Jericho, as the two of them have been money with every segment they do.  

Cody Rhodes.  He took a chance in leaving the WWE, and is currently on a tear in the indies... having the best year of his career. The transition into becoming "The American Nightmare" (a great nod to his pops, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes) and joining the best faction in wrestling, The Bullet Club, has me eagerly awaiting to seeing what happens next for Cody.  I'm stoked that we in the Seattle area can see him wrestle on 1/13 at the Washington Hall for Defy Wrestling's first event. Cody is taking on Shane Strickland in the main event - Shane is Killshot on Lucha Underground, and he has had a great 2016 as well.  

Ok, I'm certain you know who I am picking as the wrestler of the year for 2016. Without a doubt it's AJ Styles.  When AJ signed with the WWE, many thought his best years were long gone as the once face of TNA, is now 39 years old.  Boy did AJ prove everyone that doubted him wrong.  Anyone that AJ has been in the ring with has led to incredible matches and feuds, from John Cena to Roman Reigns to Dean Ambrose.  He's the current World Champion.  To put it in perspective, the WWE in the past was known to either not sign people that made their name in a competing company, and if they did it was rare that they would get a huge push.  Part of me wonders if AJ was not going to be given a big push, but he did because of the massive crowd pop he got at the Royal Rumble and the sheer fact that he is insanely great in the squared circle.  When AJ won the World Championship, I was ecstatic about it...by doing that, he became the first man in wrestling history to win the WWE World Championship, TNA's World Championship, and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Look, I know that it was determined that he would win ( I would hope if you read this far into a wrestling blog that you aren't going to pull the, "you realize it's fake right?" crap), but to win them all is just a testament to how great AJ has been his entire career, and how he keeps getting better