Jabroni Journal: Roderick Strong 101

October 14, 2016

It was reported last night that during a live taping of NXT, former Ring of Honor Heavyweight Champion and overall badass Roderick Strong made his debut. I will not spoil it any further for readers who did not see the story, but I will say that if you’re familiar with Roddy’s career in ROH, you’ll be happy about their tribute to an amazing stable. 

So, you might be asking….”Who the hell is Roderick Strong and why should I care?”  It’s a fair question. If you don’t follow Ring of Honor of other independent wrestling companies like Pro Wrestling Guerilla or AAW, he may have slipped past your radar. Time to get acquainted with an incredible athlete who is sure to bring his intense style to WWE television.  

They call Roddy the “Messiah Of The Backbreaker,” because, well, he can hit any type of backbreaker out of nowhere, much like Randy Orton’s patented RKO. He had a long 13 year run in Ring Of Honor, making a name for himself with a rough, smash-face style that won over their fans and made him a favorite. Roddy did have a brief stint in TNA in 2005, but the majority of his career was spent wrecking wrestler’s backs in ROH.

Watch the video above for a brief introduction to Roderick Strong and prepare to become one more follower of the Messiah Of The Backbreaker.