Jabroni Journal: Samoa Joe - A Primer

Some Of Joe's Most Brutal Matches

February 9, 2017

If you're a casual wrestling fan, you may be wondering why everyone is making such a big deal out of this guy Samoa Joe that came out on Raw just two weeks back and decimated Seth Rollins (and legitimately re-injured his leg). I am a huge fan of his and have been for quite awhile, so it's my intent to spread the gospel of Joe. Aside from his killer run in NXT as a 2 time champion, Joe has wrestled all over the world and went head to head with legends, proving he is a bonafide badass. 

Samoa Joe first gained notoriety in the early 2000's in Ring of Honor. He went undefeated for more than a year, winning their heavyweight title belt and crushing all his competition. Some of his most memorable matches during his first run in ROH were against the one and only CM Punk. Their feud was documented in Punk's WWE Documentary "Best In The World" as well. Punk and Joe wrestled for more than an hour on several occasions, in iron-man-like matches. Here is one of those epic hour-plus matches. 

The next match I want to feature is a particularly brutal war that went down in Ian Rotten's company - IWA Mid South in 2005. The match took place in the former ECW arena in Philadelphia and they brough the fight all over the building. If taking a beating is an art, Necro Butcher is Picasso. This match is like a car crash......as brutal and sickening as it is at times, you just can't help but look. Just watch the way Joe drops Necro on his head.....yuck. While this might not be the definition of classic mat wrestling, it's a prime example of how dangerous Joe is. 

The third and final match I will be showcasing is one of the landmark matches of Joe's career. Back in the early days of TNA, The X Division was the calling card that drew a lot of attention to the promotion. The high flying hard-hitting wrestlers who competed in this division were a stark contrast from the product WWE was putting out at the time. The three men in this match were at the top of the division - Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. This was the first time a three way X Division match main evented a pay per view and could very well be the best TNA match of all time.