Jabroni Journal: Who's Next?


October 19, 2016

Now THAT was a moment. Watching Bill Goldberg return to the world of pro wrestling after a 12-year hiatus on Monday night gave me goosebumps. The WCW icon received a huge reaction as he entered the arena and it was obvious to viewers that Goldberg himself was a little shocked, given that his short one year run in WWE in 2003 was less than epic.

Love him or hate him, Goldberg is a star....and that's exactly what it felt like on Monday night as he came out to address the sold out Denver crowd. On behalf of his client, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman issued a challenge to Bill Goldberg and he was there to give his response. Long time fans remember the first match the two behemoths had at Madison Square Garden at Wrestlemania 20 not for the in ring action necessarily, but for the fact that they were damn near booed out of the building. It was no secret to fans that Goldberg had a rocky relationship with WWE officials and would not be sticking around much longer and just a week before the match, it was leaked that Brock Lesnar would also be leaving to pursue a career in professional football with the Minnesota Vikings. Honestly, it was brutal. This is the first time I can remember fans hijacking a match to crap all over it. 

It was for this reason alone that I was shocked at how positive of a reaction Goldberg received on Monday. He went in ring and delivered the most passionate promo of his career. He accepted the match by saying, "Not only are you next, but you're last." Twelve years after leaving the WWE on bad terms, we will be treated to one final match from the king of the spear. If you're not familiar with Goldberg, check out the clip I posted above for some of his career highlights.