Jabroni Journal: Wrestling Flashback - When Worlds Collide (1994)

An Internationl Showcase That Made History

December 8, 2016

I was first introduced to Lucha Libre when WCW introduced wrestlers like Rey Msyterio Jr., Psicosis, Eddie Guerrero and La Parka on Monday Nitro. I was blown away not only by the insane amount of athleticism displayed inside (and out) of the ring, but also by the flashy, colorful characters and the well-delivered stories they told with their matches.

At the time, (around 1996) I wasn’t aware that WCW had been heavily involved in presenting a one night only mega-event pay per view spectacle just two years earlier called When Worlds Collide.  Wrestling in front of a raucous sold out crowd as the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena were stars such as Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr, Konnan, Louie Spiccoli, Octagon and Art Barr. The event was put on by Mexican wrestling company Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) alongside their American partner International Wrestling Council (IWC). WCW executive Eric Bischoff was key in getting eyes on the product, as he secured this as the first ever non-American wrestling product to be shown via Pay Per View, used the WCW technical production crew and brought in both Chris Cruise and the now-famous Mike Tenay to call the action in English.

This is a monumental event in the history of pro wrestling, as it proved that there was enough of a worldwide demand for something different. It’s obvious that this laid the foundation for what would later become a calling card for WCW – the fast paced action of the Cruiserweight division.

I would LOVE to see this event added to the WWE Network in the future, but for now, this crude YouTube rip will have to work.