Northwest Metal Legends Sanctuary Know Their BBQ!

February 23, 2017

This past Saturday night, Sanctuary stopped by the KISW studio to talk all things "Inception" - their new album being released today (February 24th) on Century Media. 

You can hear the full interview here

Not only did they bring their killer new record, but guitarist Lenny Rutledge also blessed us with some of the most amazing homemade BBQ I've ever had ! There were incredibly tender ribs, tasty chicken wings and more. Damn it was good ! 

The album, "Inception" is being considered a "Pre-Quel" to their 1989 debut "Refuge Denied" because it is material that has been recently unearthed and remastered. 
While looking around in his attic one day, guitarist Lenny Rutledge found an old box of wet, dusty recordings labeled Sanctuary. He cleaned them up, took a listen and lo and behold it's their earliest demo recordings! He contacted the producer Zeuss Hatebreed, Queensryche) who then worked his magic on mixing and remastering the songs and BAM - we have a new album straight out of a 1986 time warp. Such a cool story. And when you listen to the album you would never know they've been collecting dust and grime in an attic for 30 years.