EXCLUSIVE: Three Days Grace Attempt to Explain Their New Album

Except they can't quite figure out how many words to use

March 29, 2018
Three Days Grace


Alright, Three Days Grace have been a blast to hang with this week and all, but it's time to get down to business. Time to talk new music.

We asked the guys to describe a few of their fiercest new tracks using just four words. That's right, one word per band member.... and let's just say this didn't go as planned: 

Okay, maybe asking the guys who actually write and perform these songs to describe them in just one word is unfair. Our bad! But whatever...

The band's latest album, Outsider, is quickly becoming a fan favorite thanks to some kick ass tracks like "The Mountain," I Am An Outsider," and "Right Left Wrong." Take a listen to the most recent track below.

Be sure to do whatever you have to do to catch Three Days Grace on the road this spring and summer with both Avenged Sevenfold and Prophets of Rage.