EXCLUSIVE: Three Days Grace Perform "Infra-Red" and "Love Me or Leave Me"

Both are from the band's new album Outsider

April 26, 2018
Three Days Grace perform at the Entercom offices in New York City


Alright, alright, alright. Just relax. We know you want some new Three Days Grace. Just let us fill the next couple of sentences with flashy words about the band so we can pay some bills and then you can have the music, okay?  

The latest Three Days Grace album, Outsider, continues to climb the charts thanks to the band's most recent No. 1 single, "The Mountain." These Canadian face-melters are certainly proving that they deserve a place among the rock elite after capturing their 14th No 1. And while we love "The Mountain," don't get it twisted, this entire album is bad as sh*t!

Case in point, check out this acoustic version of another one off the new album. This one's called "Infra-Red."

But we know that just one new track wouldn't stop the craving, so we decided to share one more from the guys. It's another off Outsider. This one's called "Love Me or Leave Me."

Well, we guess it's a good thing we remembered to turn the cameras on when the boys stopped by, because these acoustic versions have been a blast. If want to see all of the fun Three Days Grace performances and interviews we scored, just click this link right here

Meanwhile, if you get the chance, we strongly encourage you to go check out the band this spring and summer as they'll be hitting the road with Avenged Sevenfold and Prophets of Rage

You should probably also consider buying Outsider, if you haven't yet, by clicking right here... you know, because U.S. dollars are worth more than Canadian dollars and we really aren't sure which denomination they get paid in -- kidding -- buy it 'cause it rocks!