Seether Drops 'Betray and Degrade' Video

It's the second track off Poison the Parish

August 10, 2017
Shaun Morgan and John Humphrey of Seether during Chicago Open Air Music Festival at Toyota Park on July 15, 2017, in Bridgebiew, Illinois

Daniel DeSlover/imageSPACE/SIPA USA

South African hard rockers Seether have released nothing but a string of insanely popular hits dating all the way back to their debut single, Disclaimer's "Fine Again," in 2002. Well, so far, the band's latest album, Poison the Parish, is delivering just the same.

Earlier this year they dropped the official video for their seventh studio album's first single "Let You Down" and now they're releasing the video for Poison the Parish's second single, "Betray and Degrade." Check out the full video below.

The album signaled a bit of change for the chart-friendly rockers. Frontman Shaun Morgan continued with the writing duties, but also took on the challenge of producing the album. He told Billboard back in April that he, "didn't want anybody else to answer to" other than himself. The album is also the first from a brand new label that Morgan owns, called Canine Riot Records.

The record has been hailed for its return to the heavier, darker sound that Seether had been known for. Morgan has also said that the title is a reference to how society idolizes "vapid, empty people that have done nothing to warrant the admiration they receive."