Sneak Peek at Living Colour's New Single "Come On"

Shade will be the band's first new album in 8 years

June 9, 2017
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Well, this is the best news we've heard today! After nearly a decade of waiting, we're finally about to get shook once again by the hard-hitting, funk-rooted-rock of Living Colour.

Corey Glover says that the band can't blame anyone other than themselves for taking eight whole years to come out with a new album. Regardless of who's to blame, the blues-inspired Shade is slated to be released on September 8th, and if "Come On" is any indication of what we can expect... we're in! Bring it! 

Glover says the band spent about two years tweaking the 13-track album, which they say is "a long look at the blues and its incarnations, musically as well as emotionally." Listen to the new single, "Come On," and check out the exclusive interview with Billboard Magazine.