Zero F*cks Labor Day Weekend

August 30, 2018

Since you work hard ALL YEAR, this Labor Day Weekend we hope you enjoy 3 FULL days of family, beer, friends and beer. And give exactly ZERO f*cks about everything else. 


Let's begin your zero f*cks training. It's all in the numbers. For example: You show up to Bumbershoot with zero f*cks, 3 friends and 3 tickets. How many friends will have to go home and be left out? Who cares! You have no f*cks to give.

You're at the neighbor's BBQ, and with all the smoke and haze in the air, you can't see how many dogs are left. You grab a dog, but it turns out it was the last one. F*ck it. Don't even look for a f*ck to give. Not even an all-lowercase f*ck.

Finally, how many f*cks is zero f*cks plus zero f*cks divided by zero f*cks? Numbers don't lie. Zero f*cks. That's less than 1 f*ck.


So to recap: family, friends and BEER! And for 3 days, give exactly zero f*cks about everything else. That's your Zero F***s Labor Day Weekend, from The Rock Of Seattle.