LISTEN: Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains Shares New Track

By: Maura O'Malley

February 9, 2017

When Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell moved, he probably wasn’t anticipating a team-up with his new neighbor, but that’s exactly what happened. Composer Tyler Bates scored the film John Wick: Chapter 2—and he asked his neighbor Cantrell to help him write the movie’s end-title song, “A Job to Do.”

On writing for a movie, Cantrell tells Billboard, “It’s not unlike how I normally write from a personal point of view, whether mine or someone else’s.” He then goes on to tell Billboard that he wrote the song’s lyrics by seeing through the eyes of Keanu Reeves’ title character.

The soundtrack, featuring “A Job to Do,” is set for digital release tomorrow (2/10), which is also the movie’s release date in theaters.

As for Cantrell’s main gig, he’s currently working on a new Alice in Chains album.