#LiveDay All-Day Blog

November 30, 2015

This will be my continuous blog of notes & photos direct from KISW and #LiveDay - "Iron" Mike

5am - First thought heading to KISW on I-5 at 5am. Traffic no different from 5pm - #SeattleTrafficSucks
6am - The KISW studios is a complete organized circus. Every room has something different going on. Thank goodness for our circus conductor Jason today!

645am - Windowpane's Glenn & Tony warming up for all the live music festivities.

7am - Seattle Seahawks Luke Willson in the studio for The Endzone show. Funny to think the last time me, Migs and Luke we together we were on the very top outside of the Space Needle getting photos ha!

8am - Bob Rivers in the studio and Heart by Heart set to perform live in a few minutes.

830am - Fueling the masses here today courtesy of Top Pot Doughnuts & Coffee.


845am - Hey it's the man (Malcolm) with the golden voice ya hear on KISW for various station announcements etc.


9am - Windowpane about to rock "War Pigs" on-air. Sean Morrison tuning up the drums.

915am - The foley artists (Impossible Acoustic)...the live sound effects you hear on the show. Awesome!

930am - BJ Shea solo in the studio while Steve Migs prepares to play drums on air. No ear plugs that was LOUD!!

945am - Thee Ted Smith done singing "Fight For The Right" as the #LiveDay part 1 ends at 10am.

10am - #LiveDay morning done. Next session begins (as well as my updates) at 2pm with the Men's Room show! Poor Ryan Castle, wondering how he's gonna top that morning show insanity ha ha!

1:50pm - What the???? Men's Room about to start round 2 of #LiveDay

2:00 - Mission control organize the troops for round #2

2:05pm - The Men's Room go live!

2:20pm - Van Eps getting ready for their live play.

230-330pm - Lots of running around. Late September Dogs live, Taryn gone all Cindy Brady and Ryan Castle getting in te action.

Winding down to the end. Watch for all the other photos, videos etc at www.kisw.com and www.facebook.com/kiswrock (My full photo album is here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153822333916212.1073741871.29081286211&type=3).