May 3, 2018

Well Rockaholics, I’m off to Amsterdam this weekend. Super bitchin’ I know. But, as with every SINGLE f@#!$ing time I leave town, some super rad shows are going on that I’ll be missing out on... One for each night/day of the weekend

If you’re down south on Friday, you can hit up The Valley in Tacoma for a “May The Fourth Be With You” show featuring Ancestors of GodPinned Red, and Sharky Waters.

Check out the interview Metal Shop did with Ancestors of God for more info

Saturday night you can catch long-time local favorites Falling Blind at Substation with Woodshed, Jericho Hill, and Crossing Crusades. That’s a STACKED bill right in Balmont, which is what I call that neighborhood- because even after living in Fremont and working in Ballard for years, I still don’t know how the f@#& to pronounce “Frelard”.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect (endless thanks to Top Left TV for most of this footage. We’re so lucky to have them in our scene!):


Then Sunday, all day, is a big event down at Studio Seven, called Save the Seven. A local venue needs some dough to keep their doors open, so a bunch of local bands banded together to play a show at said venue, to raise some of said dough.

The lineup features #Pain2018 bands Superfekta and Bruiser Brody, as well as #Pain2016 alumni Windowpane, as well as likely #FuturePain band Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage, Almost Human (KISS tribute), A Very Ozzy Tribute, What Thou Wilt,
Casualty of God, Phil Kennedy & Friends round out this epic all day event that starts at 2p!

Here’s a taste of what will be going down, once again thanks to Top Left TV!

Get out there and support your awesome local scene this weekend!

Matt Koch