3 Awesome Upcoming Local Shows!

June 21, 2018

Hey Rockaholics. As you probably know by now, this weekend THE local show to be at is RedFestival! We've got Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage, Woodshed, Glenn Cannon Blues Trio, Custom, Washed in Black, Kiljoy, AND a very special set from The New Originals!

This one is gonna be madness, friends. If you haven't gotten tickets already, do so here

There are some other rad local shows coming up as well. (Of course there are, we live in the Northwest!)

I'm just going to assume we'll all be in recovery mode Sunday, but Friday night you can kick your weekend off at The Central and check out Duke Evers!

I was at their filming of Band In Seattle, but I first discovered this awesome duo when they opened for Staticland at The Tractor two December's ago. I was standing with my bros from Ten Miles Wide and remember feeling very validated in how much I was enjoying dancing to Duke Evers' ferociously poppy brand of Rock N Roll, because Will was complimenting their songwriting skills. Now I'm just some jackass who doesn't even know what a time signature is, but Will is like, a musical genius. He knows what's up. He also now plays drums in Walking Papers with Jeff and Ben from Staticland. Walking Papers will be at #Pain2018 and I can't wait for their set!

Usually we stick to weekend shows on these blogs buuuut we've got a very special Thursday night show coming up at Funhouse. One of my all-time favorite Seattle bands, Devils Hunt Me Down has their only show of summer '18! 

They're opening up for Cairo Knife Fight, who are an awesome two-piece from LA via New Zealand (so they have cool accents). I saw them last time they were in town and was fully blown away to the point where I went up to them after their set and gave them $20 because I knew I'd be streaming them a lot (I was right). They still gave me a CD cuz they're nice dudes. They've got heavy riffs, fun grooves, and a singing drummer. Highly recommended:

Also on that bill is Maklak, another local band that I didn't know was actually a band when I first saw the name. It was on an awesome shirt with Gary Busey's face on it that just says "MAKLAK":

I've since experienced their music and they are more than worthy to be sharing the stage with those other two heavy-hitters on this stacked weeknight show!

Thanks for supporting your scene and making Seattle such an awesome place to live! See you at RedFestival!